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We offer countrywide, current and historical, geo-referenced and structured map data for india. Administrative and electoral boundaries; village, panchayat and city ward boundaries are all linked to Census demographics. Urban locality and sub-locality names are available for more than 1000 Indian cities. We have location data for 6-digit postal codes, telecom circles, health & education infrastructure, crime and economic indicators. We also offer maps for climatic variables, rivers and watersheds, soils and major crops. Road networks are suitable for navigation. Millions of Points of Interest form part of ML Infomap’s repository. All data sets are available in WGS84.


Besides the above map data sets, we have generated several researched data sets for specialized use, available for the past two decades for districts and sub-districts of the country. These include analysis of night light data, PM2.5 and PM10, and also horizontal visibility studies for fog conditions.


Built on stringent standards and versioned over 25 years, our maps are the most reliable digital maps of the India, accessible by all.
Customised map databases are also developed by ML Infomap. We have built spatial databases for several industry verticals that require understanding of the domain. Planning, monitoring and evaluation of physical infrastructure like roads, pipelines, bridges, buildings and land parcels require varied data sets that are efficiently collated and presented in maps. Some of these special interest maps relate to historical investments and upgrade of roads across the country; identifying and positioning legally approved mines, and development of plant biological species database.

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