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T E L E C O M    S O L U T I O N S

We have developed and implemented powerful solutions for RF planning, fiber network planning, operations and maintenance of infrastructure for All Telecom Circles in India. We offer Web mapping tools for geo-located GSM and subscriber geographical coverage, site selection for BTS tower locations, cellular network analysis and asset management.
The company has server solutions to assess the geographical spread and progress of trenching and ducting of fiber layout in Indian metropolises. The objective is to keep in one place records of all fibre laying activities that is accessed by managers from different places, to know the current status of the layout of OFC along routes. This is primarily for two reasons: one, to approve vendor bills for laying the OFC, and two, for approving the start of sale of service. Auto generated weekly and monthly reports for OFC rollout route are triggered through email to designated persons.


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