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ML Infomap, established in 1993, is in the business of Geographic Information. It was the first to independently develop and supply GIS ready digital vector maps of India. The company designs, develops and deploys GIS solutions on standalone, server and mobile devices for logistics, health, retail, telecom, solar and reality sectors. It specializes in location analytics and info-graphics. It undertakes field enumeration, 3D mapping, geo-coding services and geographical research. ML Infomap is ISO 9001-2008 certified and a member of the ESRI Partner Network. It is a registered MSME company.

ML Infomap has varied experience in planning and executing a wide range of location rich IT solutions. It develops custom apps on mobile devices, so that clients get early outcomes from data captured from surveys on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Our mobile applications are used by telecom, logistics and FMCG companies for capturing retail data, monitoring transport, and recording infrastructure assets. Data is updated online and offline in centralized servers. This improves time and efficiency in data collection and its utilisation. Clients receive reports, maps and alerts on time.

We offer countrywide, current and historical, geo-referenced and structured map data for india. Administrative and electoral boundaries; village, panchayat and city ward boundaries are all linked to Census demographics. Urban locality and sub-locality names are available for more than 1000 Indian cities. We have location data for 6-digit postal codes, telecom circles, health & education infrastructure, crime and economic indicators. We also offer maps for climatic variables, rivers and watersheds, soils and major crops. Road networks are suitable for navigation. Millions of Points of Interest form part of ML Infomapís repository. All data sets are available in WGS84.

NSF ISR Travel AID Plus and NSF ISR CNG Delhi are free to use mobile apps, to download from Android, iOS and Windows stores. These apps work on Smart phones. Travel Aid Plus provides countrywide information for India for travelers: tourists, salesmen, students, others. The app calculates offline aerial distances from where you are to hotels, hospitals, police stations, embassies, transit points and ATMs. It lists them for you to choose from and make phone calls directly from the app. With an Internet connection, you can find directions to these places on a map. CNG Delhi is designed for those searching for nearby CNG stations in Delhi.


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